How to Start Recycling Business


The world is becoming more environmentally aware. With all the green campaign, homesteads and business have adopted ways to sort their garbage into what is recyclable and what is not. However, the recycling industry is not doing enough, creating a viable business opportunity to those who want to venture into this environment saving economic activity. So how does one get to set and run such line if business?

Do research on local competitors

Is there a community demand of a recycling business in your local area?  If yes, it means there is a demand. It will be better if you offer the type of services that other companies don’t e.g. pick up services.

Locate buyers of recyclable products.

After recycling your waste, you need to have someone to buy. Depending on the waste you recycle e.g. paper, you can find the contact for the local newspaper and see if the business wants the recyclable you collect.

Some recyclable material brings money than other. Shop around and find the buyer who is willing to pay more. Again, this means you will have to focus on high-demand materials.

Register and have your business licensed

The application can be made at the local city council. This should be done before choosing the location and buying the recycling machines.

Find the most suitable location.

Set your companies away from a similar business. The location should be safe for customers to visit, have ample parking space, easy to access and have adequate space for laying put the equipment and future expansion.

Purchase the recycling equipment.

If you are on a tight budget, go for second-hand equipment. Search for websites and get a company that will help set up the equipment. Some of the equipment to purchase include shredders, paper balers, metal crushers, etc. You also need trucks if you are to collect and deliver the recyclable to buyers.

Start gathering the recyclable material.

Have drop areas for the public. Using your trucks pick recyclables from homeowner and businesses. You need to make a schedule and communicate with such parties.  Another way to collect recyclable is giving contracts to the local youth and in return offer sponsor on sports or educate them. This way you get to run your business and participate in community development which will strengthen business relations with the public.